Fall is in full swing here in Northern Utah, and we’ve been loving it! From the cooler temps to the colorful leaves to the crisp apples and the blue sky, there’s a lot to love; and fall gardening should be added to that list. If when you think about fall gardening you only think of all the leaves to be raked and garden spaces to be prepped for winter, here’s a list of four reasons why fall gardening is something to be loved.

  1. Bulbs! If you love those crocus, snow-drops, tulips, and daffodils come spring, the time to plant them is now (both indoors and out); in fact, I wrote two whole posts about that, which you can find here and here.
  2. Cooler temperatures – which are a relief to both you and your garden. We often think about planting our gardens in the spring and summer, but fall is actually a really great time to plant trees, shrubs, and herbaceous perennials. They enjoy the cooler temperatures just as much as we do, helping them get established with less water and less stress.
  3. Discounted plants! Now that you know you can go ahead and plant a tree right now and don’t have to wait until Earth Day, go to your local nursery or garden center and see if they have it in stock. If they do, there’s a good chance you can get it for a much reduced price than you would in April. I’ve purchased a handful of shrubs recently at 40-50% off their regular price. The selection may not be quite as good as in the spring, but I’d say the prices make it worth it.
  4. Free plants! The only thing better than an on-sale plant is a free one! Fall is a great time for dividing those herbaceous perennials that have gotten a little out of hand, so it’s also a great time to see if your neighbors, friends, grandparents, and strangers are giving any away. I’m starting what I affectionately call my “hand-me-down-garden” with a peony division that originally came from my great-grandma but has been at my parent’s house for years and some iris tubers taken from my grandparent’s garden. If anyone else wants to gift me plants, I’ll happily accept them.

    Digging up a peony – originally in my great-grandmother’s garden – for my “hand-me-down-garden”.

What do you love about fall gardening?