A not-so-ordinary ordinary day

Earlier this week we had what I would call a not-so-ordinary ordinary day. We did all our ordinary things: pulled weeds, moved rocks, went to the park, read stories. But we did some not-so-ordinary things too.

Not-so-ordinary things like:
watching a dump truck in our very own yard

The dump truck with our topsoil arrived!

falling asleep in mom’s arms after a time-out-tantrum-make-up-hug

Poor girl fell asleep mid-hug. I snuggled her for awhile, and then when I thought I’d try laying her down she woke right up.

smelling (and tasting) the lilacs on our way to the park

We walk past these lilacs every time we go to the park and I’ve been so excited for them to start blooming.

experiencing the joy of drinking from the hose for the first time

If you look closely, you’ll see the water all over her face from when she sprayed herself.

climbing up the new mountain(s) in the backyard and then sliding down (ad infinitum)

Ready, set, go!

The day had it’s ups and downs like any ordinary day. I don’t always get everything done in the garden that I’d like, and I’m trying hard to remember that this is all part of gardening with kids. In the end, on this particular day, I think the “ups” won out. I’ll take more ordinary days like that.


What are some of the highlights of your “ordinary days”?


  1. Tus could be a great children’s book. Gracie’s not so ordinary day”

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