Blogs, Podcasts, and Cookie Dough

This is not a sponsored or affiliated post in any way. I just won some cookie dough recently and wanted to tell you about it.

Sometimes I read food blogs without the intention of ever making a single recipe. For example, the “Not Without Salt” blog. Beautiful pictures. Intriguing recipes. Intimidating ingredient list. It’s that third point that gets me every time. Not that they are always new or foreign ingredients to me (though they sometimes are), it’s mostly that I just don’t ever have things like gruyere cheese on hand. I don’t even know if I can buy gruyere cheese here.

When I can’t read blogs (i.e., I have to work) I like to listen to podcasts. When I have to stare at a spreadsheet, or count seeds (yes, that is a real thing I do) I like to have something to listen to that helps me pass the time. If I find a podcast I really like, I become a podcast junkie and try to come up with tasks at work that require fewer brain cells devoted to it so I can devote the others to listening. Some that I listen to on a regular basis include: Science Friday, America’s Test Kitchen, and the Slow Flowers Podcast.

Recently, I discovered that the makers of another food blog I occasionally visit for the good photos and intriguing recipes (Pinch of Yum) have started a podcast: The Food Blogger Pro Podcast. As you can probably guess from the title, it’s a podcast geared towards food-bloggers; so far I’ve only listened to a couple, but they’ve interviewed some food bloggers and they’ve discussed how they got started, and things they wish they would have known, etc. Well, one day they interviewed Ashley of Not Without Salt (see, it’s all coming together now). I listened to it. I thought it was interesting and had some good tips about photography and a dose of “just do it” kind of advice. At the end, they announced a chance for a listener/commenter to win some of the Salted Chocolate Chip Cookie dough you can buy from their shop.

Well, I like winning things. And I like chocolate chip cookies. And I liked the idea of being able to try something from the Not Without Salt blog without actually having to face the intimidating ingredient list. It would all just come to me!

So I commented.

And I won!

cookie ingredients

I finally got around to making the cookies this week. And, even though almost all of the ingredients were sent to me in a cute little container, I still almost had a cookie-making-fail. The thing is, I forgot to add the egg. Until I was mixing in the flour pouch and wondered why in the world the dough was so crumbly. So then I added the egg. And the dough was still a little crumbly. Maybe it was supposed to be that way? Maybe it’s because I live in Utah where it is very dry – which is why I never tend to rely on the exact measurements of recipes, but rather go by “feel”. Anyway, at this point I thought I might have failed at the easiest recipe I could have possibly tried from this blog.

cookie dough log

But, I continued following the instructions, and I rolled it into a cookie dough log, wrapped it up, and put it in the fridge overnight. The next day, I brought it out, tried (poorly, I might add) to slice it in even rounds and popped ’em in the oven. And forgot to add the finishing salt on half of the cookies.

cookie dough on tray

Notwithstanding my almost-fail, the cookies turned out wonderfully delicious.

Thanks, Not Without Salt and The Food Blogger Pro!


Want to know about another food related almost-fail this week? Applesauce.

Stay tuned for more on that.


Do you listen to podcasts when you’re bored at work? Or when you’re making dinner? Or whenever? Which ones?

What about blogs? Which do you read (and which do you actually make recipes from)?

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  1. Oh Heather. You make me giggle. You are so real. Thanks for sharing!

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