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Hi gardening friends,

It’s been a while. Six months ago, thanks to a new job opportunity for my husband, we said goodbye to our home and garden (not to mention friends and family) in Cache Valley, Utah to Heber Valley, Utah. I felt a bit like my whole fall had been hijacked; instead of planting bulbs and winterizing my garden, I was packing and unpacking and trying to get used to a new town. It was a rough few months.

By the time I felt like we were getting used to life in Heber and I had ideas I wanted to write about here, along came baby Cooper, followed by the flu; twice for Grace and once for me. And I felt like my post-partum period had been hijacked.

Two months later and it feels like the whole world has been turned on its head. While I’m actually feeling remarkably calm (most days) amidst everything, I know that’s not the case for everyone. Plans have been changed. Schedules have been shifted. A general sense of uncertainty permeates everything.

Yet, the world keeps turning. The days are getting longer. Winter is making way for spring. Bulbs planted last fall are making their appearance. New seeds can be planted (soon). And the world will keep turning. 

Right now, in my hemisphere, the world is turning toward the gardening season. With everything else that’s going on perhaps you haven’t yet thought about gardening plans. Or, perhaps, you have decided to start a garden for the first time. I hope whatever your gardening situation, you can find some help on my blog. I can’t promise that I’ll be more faithful at writing this year, but I can promise that growing something – anything – is good for the soul.

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I’d love to hear what your gardening plans are. Tell me about them in the comments below.