Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day – 15 April 2019

Each month on the 15th garden bloggers around the world post what’s blooming in their gardens. Here’s what’s blooming in mine. Thanks to the May Dreams Garden Blog for the idea.

You guys. I am so ready for sunshine. And flowers. There is absolutely nothing blooming in my yard right now. My list of spring-flowering bulbs I want to order and plant this fall keeps getting longer. I keep checking my forsythia…nothing yet. My flowering quince is the same. As are my magnolia, redbud, serviceberry, and hawthorn trees. Not to mention my pear and apple trees.

No blossoms anywhere.

Note: this was supposed to be posted on the 15th, but due to some technical difficulties (and sickness at our house) I’m finally getting around to posting it today (the 18th). I’m happy to report that my forsythia and my magnolia both have almost-blooms; i.e., the buds are opening, but not quite all the way yet.

Well, except for the weeds. So those are the flowers you can look at in this edition of “Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day”:

photo of sheperd's purse flowers
The flowers of shepherd’s purse (Capsella bursa-pastoris).
photo of filaree rosette and flower
Quite possibly the most prolific flowers (weeds) in my yard: filaree (Erodium cicutarium).
photo of bur buttercup flowers and burs
Another prolific bloom: bur buttercup (Ranunculus or Ceratocephala testiculata).

If, like me, you are wondering if spring (as in “leafs” and “flowers”) will every arrive, here’s a fun website to check out and see how spring is progressing across the country.

Bonus: if you want to learn more about some common yard and garden weeds like those pictured above, sign up for my weed id guide by entering your email in the space below.


  1. Crazy that yours still haven’t bloomed yet, as ours started blooming last week or maybe even two weeks ago! Don’t worry—they’ll get there 🙂

    • I know! I’ve been watching yours as we go on our walks and they have given me hope. I’m pretty sure my forsythia is later because it is planted in the shadiest part of my yard and it was the last place the snow melted. I think I’ll be doing some rearranging once the soil dries out enough to move it somewhere a little sunnier.

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