Each month on the 15th garden bloggers around the world post what’s blooming in their gardens. Here’s what’s blooming in mine. Thanks to the May Dreams Garden Blog for the idea.

It’s that time again…the day when I share with you a glimpse into my garden.

The petunias (both in the ground and in the baskets) continue to bloom and bloom and bloom. In the past I have given petunias short shrift, but I’m being converted slowly but surely. There’s not a lot else that looks consistently good throughout the hot summer, week after week and month after month.

The nasturtiums started blooming and have surprised me with shades of yellow, orange, and a peachy-pink. They’ve been a fun mix with the purple petunias.

Finally! I have a zinnia that is blooming! It’s not summer without zinnias and I was almost giving up hope that mine would actually bloom. But they’re starting and I’m so happy.

yellow zinnia flowers
Let’s ignore the weeds and sad small plant and just enjoy the yellow blossoms, shall we?

The lupine mother-plant has bloomed again, and the little lupine seedlings have bloomed for their first time. Like petunias, I haven’t thought much of the lupine hybrids previously. I’ve tended to be in the “I like the native ones best” camp. But, once again, the plants are proving me wrong. The blooms are big and beautiful, wand while pink might not be my color of choice, it sure is better than nothing.

Perhaps the most surprising of the garden blooms has been my okra. Who knew that it had such beautiful flowers? I mean, I guess the people who have grown it before or knew that it was in the mallow family probably knew. But not me, so I was very excited to see the flowers. Now, if you could send me your favorite okra recipes, I would appreciate it.

okra flower
Seeing as how it is in the mallow family, I guess it’s no surprise that the flower looks like a hibiscus.

And, lastly, the sunflowers are *this* close to blooming. Sometime in the next week or so would be my guess.

sunflower bud

What’s blooming in your August garden?