Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day – 15 February 2019

I’ve never participated in the Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day, but I’ve enjoyed seeing what is blooming in other people’s garden each month, so I decided why not start now? Each month on the 15th garden bloggers around the world post what’s blooming in their gardens. Thanks to the May Dreams Garden Blog for the idea.

I mean, sure, it’s February, and there’s not much happening in outdoor gardens here in Zone 5b, but there are a couple noteworthy blooms inside my kitchen.

First up: a new plant from my Valentine. He knows I love plants, but I don’t think he really understands my fascination with this particular plant family (the Araceae, or Arum family), so bonus points for that! And even more bonus points for choosing one in this really beautiful purple color. I love purple flowers.

photo of overhead view of purple calla

“Mom! Dad brought us a plant for Valentine’s!”

closer view of calla spathe and spadix

Here’s another view of those “flowers”. I’ll have to tell you more about them in a future post.

photo of plants on windowsills

The calla is the only thing actually blooming, but I’ve also brought up my crocus and tulip bulbs from the basement and we’ve got a couple avocado pits trying to germinate too. Have to take full advantage of these south facing windows.

Next up: my trusty spider plant. A week or so ago my toddler was in the kitchen with me and seemingly out of nowhere said “We have a flower!” I followed her gaze up, and sure enough the spider plant was flowering. I didn’t snap a picture of the open flowers then, but I noticed we have new buds today, so I figured I’d include them here.

photo of spider plant flower

My trusty spider plant is blooming again – well, almost blooming.

I knew that I wouldn’t see any blossoms outside – though I someday hope to have hellebores and snowdrops that might be flowering at this time of year – but I figured today was as good a day as any to go tromping around to see the state of things. You’ll notice in these pictures how the snow tends to drift here – we live near a canyon and get fairly consistent (at least during the night and morning) winds.

Nothing happening yet on my fruit trees. I’m a little nervous that they won’t come back. Please keep growing, little trees…

This corner will be covered in blossoms – I hope! – in a couple of months.

photo of magnolia buds

The magnolia I planted last summer has some nice fat buds; it gives me hope for nice fat flowers in a few months.

What’s blooming in your garden?


  1. Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day is fun! Glad you’re joining in. Calla lilies are my favorite!

  2. Love your story!

  3. That is a lovely color!
    Glad you joined in this month. Hope to see more in the months to come

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