Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day – 15 July 2020

Each month on the 15th garden bloggers around the world post what’s blooming in their gardens. Here’s what’s blooming in mine. Thanks to the May Dreams Garden Blog for the idea.

There’s not much to report this month as far as what’s “blooming” right now. I mean, the tomatoes are getting flowers and so is the cucumber, but they’re not super exciting to look at, at least as far as flowers go; but they do make me excited for the future harvests. And speaking of harvests, last night at dinner we had lettuce, chard, beets, and peas all from our garden. Plus, our carrots are now ripe according to the almost-four-year old.

Back to the “blooms” though: the purple petunias and the dianthus are still blooming. The salvia needs to be deadheaded, and the Jupiter’s beard is looking raggedy but still is technically blooming.

The Asiatic lilies bloomed at the end of June, but they’re not currently blooming anymore.

orange and salmon asiatic lilies

My hanging baskets, though? Those are what I want to talk about today. When I got them at the end of May they were quite leggy and a little sad, to be honest. With a bit of deadheading they quickly looked better, but it wasn’t until I cut them way (and I mean way) back that they really have started to flourish. They’re full of leaves and full of flowers. Sometimes you have to cut the extra “stuff” way back in order to truly enjoy the abundance.

photo of two hanging baskets - white petunias and pink and white calibrichoa

There’s probably a life lesson in that. Have you been learning any life lesson’s from your garden? Share them below.

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  1. I agree with your “way back” lesson! Don’t be afraid to go “too” far, it won’t be! Leggy violas will come back if you cut them nearly to the ground. Catmints will bloom again if you cut them all the way down after their first bloom.
    Another gardening life lesson I learned is, fruit trees are harder than other people make them seem!
    Oh, and if you don’t like a plant, tear it out! If it turns out to be ugly, get rid of it.

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