I’m interrupting the regularly scheduled post on soil pH (I know, I know, you’re all really disappointed) to talk about tomatoes for a minute.

Are your tomatoes that should be looking like this:



and this:


Looking like this instead?



Yeah, mine too.  It’s just so blasted hot.  Poor little guys don’t like the multiple days of >95 degree weather anymore than we do which makes them drop their flowers and sometimes fruits prematurely. They’ll get used to the heat – or better yet, the weather will become a little more moderate – soon enough.  But until then, give ’em an extra drink (a nice long one), put some mulch around the base to help it hold the water a bit better, and if they’re in a container move ’em to a slightly shadier location (they still like/need the sun though, so make sure it’s not full shade all day).