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Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day – 15 May 2019

Each month on the 15th garden bloggers around the world post what’s blooming in their gardens. Here’s what’s blooming in mine. Thanks to the May Dreams Garden Blog for the idea.

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DIY: Dyeing with Dyer’s Woad

A few weeks ago my sister texted me a photo of an announcement about a “Dyeing with Dyer’s Woad” workshop presented by a local arts group.  Obviously this was something I was definitely interested in.  Not because I dye fabric on a regular basis, or because I consider myself a really artsy person, but because it dealt with a weed.  A weed I frequently get asked about.   Continue reading

Weed Science. Wait, what kind of science?

In my real life I work at Utah State University in the weed science research group.  When I would tell people I was getting a degree in weed science, or even now when I tell people I work in weed science the conversation generally goes like this:  Continue reading