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Bucket Gardening Update – August 2015

Just a quick update on where my bucket garden is at:

  • I recently replanted the lettuce and spinach buckets (the three you can see in the center that have nothing green in them) for a late-summer or fall harvest.

August bucket garden

  • The peppers are growing, but I think they never fully recovered from the early July heat because they each have only one pepper each.

bucket grown peppers

  • The strawberries have been doing the best out of everything I planted this year. Though we’ve only had a handful of strawberries at a time, they have been producing consistently throughout the summer.

bucket grown strawberries

  • The cherry tomato has been doing well, though it was definitely slowed down. I’ve eaten two delicious tomatoes from it already, and you can see there are a few more coming on, but I have high hopes that the current flowers will convert into fruit too.

bucket grown tomatoes


How has your garden been this summer? Are you wading through your zucchini? Or, like me, are you just happy to have anything fresh, even if it is a measly yield?

Soil pH Basics

What is soil pH?

Basically, pH is a measure of the concentration of hydrogen atoms in a solution; in this case, the soil.  The pH scale ranges from 0 to 14, with 0 being the most acidic and 14 being the most basic, or alkaline; a pH of 7 is neutral.   Continue reading

Heat stressed tomato plants

I’m interrupting the regularly scheduled post on soil pH (I know, I know, you’re all really disappointed) to talk about tomatoes for a minute. Continue reading

Soil Testing

Last time, when I wrote about soil texture, I mentioned that the easiest way to figure out the texture of your soil was to get it tested.  Many – if not most, or maybe even all – of the land grand universities throughout the United States either house or are closely associated with a soil testing laboratory.   Continue reading

Soil Texture

I grew up listening to talk radio at home.  Specifically KSL News Radio.  On weekdays I didn’t really care either way about it.  But on Saturday mornings?  I loved it.  That’s when they had “The Greenhouse Show, with Larry Sagers”.  People could call in with questions about their yard or garden and Larry Sagers, a horticulture extension agent in the Salt Lake City area, would answer them.   Continue reading

The Dirt on Soil

The soil is the great connector of lives, the source and destination of all.  It is the healer and restorer and resurrector, by which disease passes into health, age into youth, death into life.  Without proper care for it we can have no community, because without proper care for it we can have no life.

Wendell Berry, The Unsettling of America

Continue reading

rose garden, white rose, pink rose, peace rose, peach rose

My momma’s rose garden is in full bloom and looking beautiful.

You love the roses – so do I. I wish

The sky would rain down roses, as they rain

From off the shaken bush. Why will it not?

Then all the valley would be pink and white

And soft to tread on. They would fall as light

As feathers, smelling sweet; and it would be

Like sleeping and like waking, all at once!

– George Eliot –

When Can I Plant?

I often get asked the question, “When can I plant my garden?”  It turns out that answer is a little more complicated than picking an arbitrary date.  Don’t worry, though; it’s not too complicated.   Continue reading

Hardiness Zones…Do They Matter?

Maybe you’ve heard of hardiness zones, but don’t really know which zone you live (and garden) in.  Or maybe you’ve never heard of even the idea of hardiness zones and want to learn more.  Or maybe you’re a gardening guru and know everything there is to know about hardiness zones… Continue reading

Bucket Garden Update and Bonus “How-To” Video

I thought I’d give a little update on how my bucket garden is doing.  I haven’t said anything about it before now, because it hasn’t really been doing much.  Everything germinated about a week after I planted it – just as they should have! – but they’ve just been hanging out not doing much ever since.   Continue reading

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