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Understanding the Fertilizer Label

Have you ever found yourself on the fertilizer aisle at the garden center overwhelmed with all the different options? My sister and my sister-in-law both did earlier this year. (And I really hope I helped them out when they texted me with questions.)

But I had almost forgotten about those incidents until I mentioned last week in my garden update that my cherry tomatoes were doing much better this year, thanks largely to the additional fertilizer I gave them.

So I thought I’d share a quick and brief explanation of just what those fertilizer labels mean. Continue reading

Soil Testing

Last time, when I wrote about soil texture, I mentioned that the easiest way to figure out the texture of your soil was to get it tested.  Many Рif not most, or maybe even all Рof the land grand universities throughout the United States either house or are closely associated with a soil testing laboratory.   Continue reading