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Happiness is…gardening

Earlier this year I had the crazy thought that I wouldn’t plant a garden this year. I’ve got a new baby, I’m still working part-time, we’ll be moving into a new house this summer so by the time we get in it might be too late to get a garden in, etc. Basically I almost had myself convinced that planting and maintaining a garden would just be too much work.

And then I realized that I just couldn’t not plant a garden. And I also realized that the way I’ve been doing a lot of my gardening the last few years – aka in buckets – really cancels out all of my previous concerns:

  • They are portable! I can plant them now, here at my apartment, and then whenever we happen to move, I can easily take them with me.
  • They are easy to maintain – besides daily watering and an occasional feeding with fertilizer, they don’t need too much fussing. (Read: no weeding here!)
  • I can plant my lettuce and spinach and onions now, and if I don’t get to planting a tomato (because I must have garden-fresh tomatoes in the summer) until we move, it will still have enough time to mature.

So, in the spirit of National Gardening Month, I planted up my bucket garden – at least a couple buckets worth of it – last week and I am oh, so happy I did.

Gardening really is good for the soul. (Well, my soul, at least.)


Is gardening a happiness boost for you?

Strawberry Season

Nothing says “spring” like strawberries.  Do a quick google search for “strawberry” anything right now and you’ll see all sorts of articles and trending ideas; ’tis the season.

I harvested all my strawberries (all 7 or so of them) from my bucket garden during the last couple of weeks, but I’m hoping to get some more later on during the summer.  In the mean time, I thought I’d share some of my favorite ways to enjoy fresh strawberries:

1) Homemade strawberry shakes.  Throw a handful of clean, quartered strawberries into a blender with some ice cream.  As simple as that.  We’ve enjoyed these shakes made with both vanilla or chocolate ice cream.

2) Yogurt parfaits. “Everybody likes parfaits” (name that movie).  In a cup, bowl, or small tupperware (it makes an excellent mid-morning snack) layer your favorite yogurt, sliced strawberries, and granola.  Mmmm.

3) Stuffed strawberry french toast.  Surprisingly not too difficult for a super fancy (at least by our standards) breakfast.  Find the recipe here at Mel’s Kitchen Cafe.

4) Simply sliced and tossed in with my cold cereal.  Preferably Cheerios, though it makes a tasty accompaniment to just about any cereal probably.