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Wildflower ID Books: A Review

The snow may be melting here, but I know that getting new snow is still a very real possibility. And it could happen all the way through April. Or May. Or even June. I remember a couple years getting snow in June. But luckily from here on out any new snow we do get probably isn’t going to stick around for too long.  Well, at least down here in the valley. There is still plenty of snow in the mountains – and that’s a good thing – but the truth is, I’ve already started dreaming about summer, and hiking, and wildflowers.

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Wildflowers of Joshua Tree National Park

A couple weeks ago I shared some photos of wildflowers from my trip to Death Valley National Park. Since we were in California for National Parks week, we figured we might as well visit Joshua Tree National Park while we were at it. We were perhaps a little bit different from the normal crowd that visits Joshua Tree – we’re no rock climbers, mind you – but we (and probably especially me) once again enjoyed the diversity of plant life we found there. Continue reading

Death Valley Wildflowers

Back in April, during National Parks Week, my husband and I took a week off from our jobs and set out to explore two National Parks neither of us had visited before. Our first stop was Death Valley National Park. We had planned this trip back in January, when I was hoping that it might be a good year for wildflower viewing, and then in February and March the Death Valley “Superbloom” happened. Continue reading

Sego Lily

Today, in Utah, we are celebrating “Pioneer Day”; a day to commemorate the arrival of the Mormon Pioneers into the Salt Lake Valley.  Today, on this little piece of the internet I call my own, we are going to celebrate the sego lily; a beautiful little native plant that played an important role in the survival of some of the native tribes as well as those first pioneers. Continue reading