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An Introduction to {My} Houseplants


November is a great month for wanting to hibernate. It’s been trying to snow here for the last week or so, with cold temperatures and dark brooding clouds, but as of now we continue to be in that in-between stage where most of the leaves have dropped, but we’re not in a winter wonderland just yet.

Just because we’re moving into winter, though, doesn’t mean that we can’t still talk plants and gardening. That’s the beauty of houseplants, you know. You can enjoy them all year round. And on those dreary in-between-winter-and-fall days (or those middle-of-winter-that-never-ends days), let me tell you, having something green and fresh around really lifts the spirits. Or, really, having something green and fresh around always – no matter what time of year it is – is good for the soul. At least I think so. Which is why I believe that you can never have too many houseplants. (My husband might disagree with me on that – when we were moving my things into his apartment he thought it was like plants vs. humans, and that the plants were definitely winning.)

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Until recently, I knew that some people disliked cilantro, but little did I know how divided my own family was on the matter!  An aunt shared an article on facebook about how there’s a genetic reason for why you may or may not think cilantro tastes soapy, and I was astounded at how many of my own family are vehemently against this humble herb.  So, if you are in the ant-cilantro camp, forgive me, but this post today is all about it and the deliciousness you can create with it.  Continue reading

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